FreeFly881 Solution to Global Businesses
In order to obtain more business opportunities, global businesses subscribe the traditional Toll-Free number services in their countries (Example: 400 in China and 1-800 in USA). However, traditional Toll-Free number service is expensive, not free for out of country customers and unaffordable for most of the small and medium businesses in the world.
FreeFly881 offers an innovative Toll-Free number service to global businesses for free. Our service is free to sign up. Registered business will obtain a FreeFly881 number, a QR Code and a Call Button feature for business webpage use. Potential customers from anywhere in the world, without any downloads or registrations, can make direct free calls to FreeFly881 registered business by scanning a QR Code or clicking a Call Button on a webpage. FreeFly881 registered business will receive calls on mobile phone app and IP Phone set. All calls are free and unlimited for both customers and businesses globally.
FreeFly881 aims to help to reduce your telecom expenses and obtain more business opportunities from anywhere in the world.