How does it work?

  • Download the FreeFly881 Application.

  • Setup your user account.

  • Now anyone can call you instantly with your FreeFly881 widget (See that widget below? Give it a test drive!)

  • PLUS… you can make unlimited calls to anyone else who uses the FreeFly881 app.

What’s so special
about FreeFly881?

We’re introducing the world’s first “dial pad-free” and click-to-call function. It is so new; it is hard to even understand what we are talking about!

Try it out for yourself below:

Yup. Goodbye dial pad and hello convenience.


We’ve got a seriously good FAQ to answer your questions:

Who can call me if I am a FreeFly881 user?

ANYONE. Yes, literally anyone, if they can see your QR code or widget and have internet, they can make a call to you.

I am a user. Now what?

You can set up a call button on your website to instantly start receiving calls and/or post the QR code anywhere from which you’d like to receive calls.

How can I install a call button on my website?

When you become a FreeFly881 user, the application will generate you a code that you can place in the HTML code of your webpage.

I’m a boss entrepreneur and I have 10 different businesses; can I receive calls from all 10 of my businesses?

Damn. You are a boss. There are two answers to this question.

Can you receive calls from all 10 of your businesses? Yes. If you use the same FreeFly881 user ID (widget/QR code), you will be receiving phone calls from all 10 businesses. That’s no problem. But, you will not know which business is calling into your line.

Can you receive calls from all 10 of your businesses and know which business is calling you? At this moment, we do not offer this functionality. We are currently developing a multi-user level layer that will allow a single account to have multiple user IDs, but we do not have this functionality at this time.

Can you explain inbound and outbound restrictions?

If you are a FreeFly881 user, you can:

  • Inbound
  • Receive calls from anyone, including non-FreeFly881 users, with the widget and/or QR code.
  • Outbound
  • You can only make outbound calls to other FreeFly881 users.
  • As there is no dial pad, you cannot make traditional outbound calls.
What IP specifications work with FreeFly881?

We support:

  • SIP protocol
  • G729 and GSM codecs
  • TCP protocol
How do I set up my IP phone?
  • SIP Server:
  • Server Port: 7060
  • SIP Account Name: {Your FreeFly881 Number, Password}
  • SIP User ID: {Your FreeFly881 Number, Password}
  • Authenticate ID: {Your FreeFly881 Number, Password}
  • SIP Server:
  • Transport Protocol: TCP
I am using a iOS. Why does it not work?

We’re sorry to say this, but right now, the iOS Mobile environment does not work with the protocols required to make phone calls on our system.

If you are using a MAC Laptop or Desktop will be able to make calls